Foldee: the flying disc upgraded

The flying disc is a perennial toy for all ages. It has been around for decades. In 1938 Fred Morrison and future wife, Lucile, were offered a quarter for a baking tin that they were tossing back and forth on a beach in Santa Monica, California. He quickly saw a business opportunity, if beach goers were willing to buy a 5 cent product for five times its value.

Thus was born the Whirlo-Way, later modified to become the Flying-Saucer, the Pluto Platter and then in 1957 the famous Frisbee that became a generic term and with which several generations of dogs and humans grew up.

Now comes Foldee, a soft, folding and washable version made from material. It is available in several bright colors as well as grey.

This brings PD back to his days as a pup, only it should be less painful when the disc hits him on the snout. So go back to the beach or park and have some fun. It will do you good.

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