Blocks modular smartwatch

PD is bored by the epidemic of grand announcements of new "must-have" (really?) products that are little more than slight updates of current products cynically dreamed up by marketing people to keep sales moving, however he gets excited by truly unique technology. PD has been following the progress of a group of enthusiastic young people from London for some time now. He has seen their idea grow into a beautiful new product that is about to launch, the Blocks smartwatch.

So what makes this different from other smart watches? You build your own with the features that you want and these can be updated. Each of the links in the band consists of modules, each with a separate function.

There is virtually no limit to the blocks possible, the list including SIM card module, GPS unit, voice recorder, LED flashlight, altitude monitor, kinetic charger, extra battery, camera, heart rate monitor, ECG monitor, body temperature monitor, and plenty of others. The system is open source to allow developers to get involved. More and more modules will be added over time.

The modules snap together and onto the core unit which is a stylish watch and colour screen for viewing the various functions or receiving notifications and making calls.

PD can hardly wait to get his paws on one and test it.

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