The benefits of a journal

PD is not talking about an era when people wrote each day's events, beginning with "Dear diary". How boring you say, but you probably do this on Facebook and Twitter anyway. Of course some prominent people like Samuel Pepys wrote extensively about life and we know a lot about history from these; things such as the Great Plague and the Great Fire of London. That's him below.

Today journals serve a completely different purpose. They can be as simple as a pocket notebook to keep with you so that you can jot down any ideas or plans that come to mind. Doing this helps you remember things - Field Notes Brand has the motto, "I'm not writing it down to remember it later, I'm writing it down to remember it now."

Keeping a journal helps to focus your thoughts and consolidate ideas. It also helps you to see progress as vague thoughts transform into solid actionable ideas and achievable goals.

Another benefit is that by putting things down on paper it helps to free your mind from distracting thoughts, enabling you to concentrate on the here and now.

Calepino makes a simple good quality pocket notebook.

For our friends across the Atlantic there is Field Notes Brand, which PD has previously reviewed. See GHOST_URL/review-field-notes-brand-notebooks/

Of course you can get into more advanced journal writing, with purpose-made journals that have sections to set out your goals, put them into action and monitor your progress. One such beautifully presented journal is made by Journal Life, which even has a Facebook community to help with ideas and motivation.

It does not matter what your goals are, whether to lead a healthier life or to set up a business, many people find keeping a journal helpful. For the cost of a pocket book try it.

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