Benefits of a travel journal

This is part two of PD on journal writing. Why would some-one want to take the time to labor over a journal when traveling? That could be time spent having fun, a distraction from relaxation. Besides it is boring and you have all the photographs on your phone.

Well, think about what memories make a trip, well memorable? Seeing the Eiffel tower in Paris is fine. Certainly worth seeing in person even though you have seen it a million times on television, and all of your friends have been there too.

No, what made your trip special was the little thing that happened at the tower, the atmosphere of the crowds and smells. That drink you had or the fellow traveler you met. It does not have to be as dramatic as the incident at the Vatican to make it special (see PD blog GHOST_URL/an-incicident-at-the-vatican/).

Unfortunately it is these little things that are easily forgotten if not written down. It is an idea to go over the day in your mind before going to bed and writing a little note. Even pencil in a small drawing. Add a souvenir ticket. That way you will have cherished memories and stories to tell, not just "I went to the Eiffel tower".

You can use a simple notebook or get a purpose-made journal. Simple notebooks such as those that were discussed last week allow you to format things the way you want to. A smaller style (A5 or A6) is more handy when traveling.

There is a great variety of structured travel journals. They have the advantage that they have sections for expenses, itinerary and addresses, weather and so on, but the downside is that you are locked into their format, whether you use every part of it or not.

Word Notebooks' Adventure Log has a simple layout and is pocket-sized. For longer trips you can carry several notebooks, perhaps one for each place you stop at.

If you want something different there is Piqpoq's concertina style travel journal in a box sleeve.

Happy traveling and happy memories!

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