The weight of words

For April PD is writing a series on beautiful new stationery discoveries. First up is the tear-out book of postcards from ystudio, the design studio in Taiwan which makes wonderful products from brass. It's pens were featured in a previous post (see GHOST_URL/ystudio-pens/). By the way, ystudio has added a new line of these pens in dramatic black, in the new "The Weight of Words" line.

There is also a ruler in the same line.

Anyway, PD has digressed. What really caught his eye was the dramatic "The weight of words" booklet of tear-out postcards. These high quality letterpress-printed booklets come with dramatic black covers with brass-colored writing. The edging is also brass-colored. The booklet is held together by brass screws.

The cards are made of heavy stock paper with a beautiful to touch matte finish. On the front there is an old-fashioned style print in brown and on the back there is room for a message and space for an address and postage stamp.

If you are writing something personal, for privacy why not just put it in an envelope and send it? If not traveling, the booklet looks great on top of a desk, perhaps an old-fashioned one.

Note: ystudio does not sell directly, however PD can recommend his friend at Kohezi in Amsterdam for good old fashioned service, including providing a hand-written receipt for you to keep as a souvenir of your purchase. For our friends in America, Kohezi mails overseas.

Aside: For those of you who are curious, PD can neither confirm nor deny that the photograph on the masthead is the view from his offices.

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