Light is important in many situations, whether in the wilderness, traveling as a tourist or at home when a blackout occurs. There are many flahlights, and PD has seen an exponential growth in the output of torches as a result of LED's and electronics, so that now even a small torch with one AAA battery can shine with the equivalence of 100 lumens, such as this one from Fenix.

There is a great variety of torches of various sizes and outputs, however sometimes one needs a very small, easy to carry emergency light. Previously PD wrote about the Slughaus Bullet Torch.


Now there is an even smaller torch, available from MatchBox Instruments, the Matchlight. This is modeled on the old matchbooks that were ubiquitous.

Like a matchbook, you can keep eight of them in your wallet or bag. MBI claims that each light gives eight hours of run time. They have small magnets in the base to hold them in place in the matchbook.

NOTICE: PD can neither confirm nor deny that the hand in the photograph is his, however last time he looked his was a paw.

Oh, and they come in a variety of LED colors.

At this stage they are disposable, however the manufacturer is working on a future product with replaceable batteries.

These lights will not replace a full sized flashlight but will help you find your main torch, keys or whatever else you need.

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