PD continues this month's series on stuff for the outdoors. The next thing to think about is fire. PD remembers as a pup sitting around a warm campfire, throwing some potatoes in to cook, and enjoying hearing tales, including ghost stories. People used matches. PD remembers camping one stormy night. The team was trying to light a fire and literally succeeded with the last match in the box. Later on storm-proof matches became available. These burned more intensely and for longer than standard ones. The advent of waterproof match containers was also a boon, such as this one from Exotac.

Today, ferrocerium rods, metallic rods that create very hot sparks when struck, are popular, with numerous brands available. This is one of the models from Exotac.

Ferrocerium rods work best with tinder, which you can accumulate yourself or get in a box or packet.

(You guessed it, from Exotac).

Then there are some fancy products, such as Sparky which was featured on PD four months ago. This relies on steel wool to complete a circuit to create a spark.

The link to the review is below:


UPDATE: PD has been informed that the Fontus self-filling water bottle reviewed two posts ago (link below) is set to go into production and will go live on Indiegogo on the 4th of April.


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