Rise of the Nanny State

PD champions freedom, self reliance and responsibility. Too much of the world lacks these basic rights. It is easy to point the finger at obvious dictatorships where people are bullied and have no choice, however we in the democratic world have lost our way, taking our freedom for granted and allowing it to be eroded by governments. We are being over-regulated and criminalized, either as a knee-jerk response to something, to balance budgets or to political correctness. Few Western countries are immune to this scourge. And people sit back complacently.

Terry Pratchett portrayed this very well in his book "Night Watch", writing "It wasn't that the city was lawless. It had plenty of laws. It just didn't offer many opportunities not to break them. Swing [captain of Ankh-Morpork's secret police] didn't seem to have grasped the idea that the system was supposed to take criminals and, in some rough and ready fashion, force them into becoming honest men. Instead, he'd taken honest men and turned them into criminals. And the Watch [the regular Ankh-Morpork police], by and large, into just another gang."

People should wake up to this insidious over-regulation, or one day they will find themselves in a dictatorship.

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