This is the first book from Fiddler's Green Particular Parish. Fiddler's Green is known for its beautifully illustrated magazine which is lovingly put together with beautiful drawings. Its stories are based on magical ancient times. They are newly written fairy tales, many with lessons. Just don't give them to your children unless you wish them visited by nightmares.


The book is a collection of short stories and poems. There is good and evil, there is melancholy, there is sacrifice, there is loss and there is triumph, and even eternal damnation.

The tales and poems in this book include:

For Christiana: Write While You May, by M. Kelly Peach

Sofia Rising, by Ronnie Angel Pope

The Whisker Reliquary, by Sheryl Humphrey

Akaz Maxo’s Familiars, by Andrew M. Reichart

Memoirs of a One-Time Dragon Slayer’s Apprentice, by George Nikolopoulos

The Gate and the Key, by Miranda Rey

The Forest Bride, by Lorraine Schein

If a Tree Falls, by Dan Micklethwaite

The Bone-Handled Walking Stick, by Cassandra Solon Parry

Changeling, by Connie Todd Lila

Siren Song, by Christina Rosso

Beware the Aes Sidhe, by Freddie Silva, Jr.

Two Stones: A Tale from the Medieval Bestiary, by Evan Davies

Shuis Slo Slumus Sheen, by Edwin Sams

Selchie, by Allyson Shaw

Down by the Sea, by Natalia Forty

For Ariana: Dance While You May, by M. Kelly Peach

Bonus Flex Disc (music): Elfrida, by Faun Fables

The tales and poems are all well written.

For those who are wondering what a "particular parish" is, it is autonomous from the main church authorities.