PD Manners 3: At home Part 2


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This week, continuing manners at home, PD ventures into the bedroom. As elsewhere, little things can cause big problems.


As always, respect is important. This includes being tidy. Old clothes strewn everywhere are off-putting, and one partner having to constantly pick up your mess quickly builds into resentment, and the bedroom is one place that most people do not want resentment. Surprise your partner by making the bed in the morning.


Likewise, do not be that an annoying person that leaves the bathroom in a mess. Put the cap on the toothpaste and put the tube in its place. If you use the last of the toothpaste in the tube, put out a new tube of toothpaste for your partner to use. Do that little bit extra, and remove the seal from the tube. If you use the last tissue in the box, replace the box with a new one. If the soap is too small to use, replace it. Although these may seem like small things, there is little gestures will go a long way to pleasing your partner. Keep your sink clean, and clean up any water spills on benches or on the floor.


Toilets seem to be areas of conflict, however it is not that difficult to put the seat down after use or to replace the roll of paper (in particular, do not use the old trick of leaving one piece of paper on the roll as an excuse to avoid getting a new roll of paper).


Do not to turn the bedroom into a TV or video room. The bedroom is a place of privacy, and paying attention to your partner will go a long way.
The rest is up to you and you partner.



Next week PD goes go the kitchen and dining room.