Marjolein Delhaas diary

PD has written about the Blocks smartwatch in the last three posts so he thought that he should write about something else, so as a bonus this week there are two posts.

It is that time of year. Yes, time to start thinking about a diary for next year. PD is no Luddite, however he still thinks that a paper diary is better for keeping track of things and planning his day. It is also easy to flip through to see where there is a spare moment for another pressing engagement.

After years of experimenting with different layouts (I hope that this does not give away his age, which I can confirm is somewhere between a pup and an old dog), he came to the conclusion that the best one is a week to spread view with the days arranged vertically.

This allows PD to see at a glance how the week is panning out. There are quite a few such diaries available, however PD came across this beautiful one from Marjolein Delhaas.

It is available in black or white (a natural color is now sold out), and the cover printing is available in gold, white, silver or black (the color availability varies with the color of the diary).

The cover is beautifully done and inside has a pocket for cards, receipts or notes. At the back there is an orange section for notes. All in a handy A6 size. The price is 40 euro, but a version without the fine cover is available for 26 euro. Diary heaven!

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