Hercule Poirot returns

We start a new month and so a new theme. PD ventures into the world of books. For fans of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot, a new book was released, "The Monogram Murders".

You will note that the author is Sophie Hannah, who has done a great job in capturing the essence of the great detective, and in classical Poirot style, this is a tale of love and betrayal with many a twist. Poirot, now retired in London, returns to exercise "the little grey cells" (to use his own words) in helping the Scotland Yard detective Edward Catchpool solve a terrible crime.

This is a gripping story that fans of Poirot will enjoy. It would be a mistake to read it comparing to how Agatha Christie would or would not have written something. Just enjoy the book without a thought for this and you will be delighted.

As well as taking us through the mental exercise of looking at the clues, this book gives us great insight into people's characters and behavior, as a good book should.

Sophie Hannah (below) has done a great job. She is not new to this, having written several books of her own.

Note for the curious: PD has never been to the Bloxham Hotel, particularly on the day of the Monogram Murders. He has an iron clad alibi for this.

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