From the archive: Tragic love involves the whole family

These are the last two posts from the original PD blog in 2012, posted on Wordpress. Despite the optimism displayed in the final post, the original PD passed on in April 2013. PD was reborn in 2014 and found its current home in 2015.

October 15th, 2012
I have been editing a diary of tragic love. It was all there, all the events in minute detail. 140 handwritten pages, covering about two years. It started with deep passionate love and ended in such despair. There were three photographs with the diary, with such despair on the boy’s face, after a malicious campaign by the girl’s parents to break up the relationship for the worst of reasons. I could not help thinking of that boy, who took all the psychological beating until the very end, when he was driven towards taking his life. Then I could not help thinking of his parents. They never said a bad word about his girlfriend or her parents, but I could feel their silent anguish at what they did to their son. That is something that the girl’s parents did not think or care about – they were not only destroying the boy, but psychologically torturing a whole family. Just because they did “not want half breed grandchildren”.
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April 24th, 2013
Hi everyone! After a long break, the Dog is back. Prowling Dog is changing direction and will resume writing on a variety of topics next week.
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