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Prowling Dog continues the series on relationships first published on Wordpress.

June 9th, 2012
Being in love is one step above friendship, so the same principles apply, but it is even more important never to lead anyone on.

If a person falls in love with you and you do not love them, do not act in any way that even hints that you are reciprocating; eventually their love will wane. If you lead them on, their love will blossom with potential disastrous consequences. Eventually that person will get hurt and may never be able to again give themselves wholeheartedly to anyone again, so you will be hurting future partners as well. Even worse, such things may end up in suicide.

I was once told a quote from Love Story that said love is never having to say sorry. I believe that is not quite true; in fact love is never doing anything you will have to say sorry for. I do not mean small things done inadvertently, but major things. Remember that love is a wonderful thing, but it also means the person in love with you is very vulnerable.

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