F*ck Feelings: self help for real people

PD recognizes that many people have had traumatic experiences that leave them stuck psychologically. The problems include post traumatic re-living of events, phobias, anxiety and nightmares. PD in its original iteration had a series on this (see "From the archive" posts). Many analysts and self-help books put too much emphasis on self renewal, convincing yourself to think positively, changing who you are and letting go of the past. This all sounds great, but the reality is that most of us are who we were born, with only a minor ability to change ourselves. Hard as we try, we cannot help our feelings.

This book is different; it is written for the real world. Michael Bennett, a psychiatrist, and his daughter Sarah have written this book on the premise that people are stuck with what happens and with our feelings that result from that. This book helps people to accept that the way they feel is not going to change, but offers a way to cope with life and function with these feelings. PD believes that this approach has a better chance of succeeding than all the feel-good advice offered elsewhere. The book is written in a practical and humorous way. Available in many good bookshops.


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