Sparky fire starter

Lighting campfires at times can be interesting and frustrating, especially in the wet. PD remembers using a whole box of matches in the wet to get one going. Then along came the storm proof matches that gave a more intense and longer-lasting flame. Ferrocerium rods have become a popular variant of the old "rub two sticks together" or flint and striker technique. Now we have an efficient newcomer to give an intense flame, Sparky.

Sparky is part of an electrical circuit, with two AAA batteries and a copper electrode, the body forming the other electrode. By touching steel wool to complete the circuit a spark ignites the steel wool which burns with a intense flame to start the fire.

Sparky is not only useful, it is well made and elegant. It comes in either an aluminum or copper body.

It is now available on Kickstarter.

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