EDC: essentials

There are things you should never leave home without, particularly in today's increasingly violent world. They should be instantly accessible, not in your pocket or bag. You should be proficient in their use - there will not be time to think when the need arises.

  • Tactical flashlight. This serves two purposes. Make sure it is bright enough to temporarily blind an assailant. With modern flashlights, lumen counts in the hundreds are standard. Always make sure that it has a fresh battery in it, or if it has a rechargeable battery that it is always fully charged. The second use is as a striker - hence the design of the bezel. Do not buy a cheap one. You pay for top quality build, material and reliability, and a good one will last for many years. Cheaper ones may look similar however they usually have at least one weak link, such as a flimsy plastic part or unreliable button. You do not want to be let down at the crucial moment. PD has been using Brite-Strike flashlights for years, however there are several other top brands. http://www.brite-strike.com

  • Tactical pen. Its purpose is self evident; the ink in it is a bonus when you need to write something down. The Tuffwriter Operator or Frontline pen is one of the finest available. It is understated so that it will not attract attention. It is beautifully weighted, has a screw-on cap and it uses readily available Fisher Space Pen refills. The tapered end means business. They also have a non-marking finish to minimize fingerprints being left on it. As with the torch, do not skimp - quality is paramount. Train in its use and be ready. http://www.tuffwriter.com

  • Last ditch knife. This is your last resort in saving your life. Small and readily available. Traditional designs such as Ka-Bar's TDI LDK's are easily concealable.

PD is aware that knives are problematic in certain jurisdictions such as the UK and Australia, however there are solutions to this problem. One alternative is currently on Kickstarter, the Trak Titanium Runner's Knife that does not look like a traditional knife. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1975082129/trak-titanium-runners-anywhere-knife?ref=user_menu

  • Not a carry item, but self defense training is essential. For the ordinary person you cannot go past Krav Maga. This, used by the Israeli Defense Force, borrows from several martial arts and focuses on real world situations. It is very efficient. There are programs available in most countries.

PD cannot emphasize enough that these tools are for self defense, used only when you are under threat of injury or death, and not for aggression.

For the curious: Next week PD will discuss some optional EDC things.

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