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In the last two posts PD has hopefully helped you to sort out your EDC items. Rather than leaving them loose in your pockets, it helps to have a bag to put them in. That way you have a kit that is easily transferable between pockets, backpacks and briefcases. PD has been utilizing the Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer, approximately 89mm wide x 14mm high x 24.5mm deep (3.5" wide x 5.5" high x 1" deep for PD's Transatlantic friends).

Although the Pocket Organizer is available in larger sizes, PD found those too large for many pockets. There is a mesh pocket at the front, handy for cards that you need rapid access to.

Inside there are two pockets, large enough for cards or a pocket notebook, as well as loops for tools such as pens and small torches.

There is also a handle to easily pull it out or to hang small items from, utilizing a small carabiner such as the Grimloc.


A smaller alternative, for a few tiny items is the TAD Sere pouch, 70mm x 101mm (2.75” x 4.00”) when rolled up. This is a variant of the old fashioned tool roll, designed for you to make a kit but may suit the minimalist.


For the curious: Next week PD will discuss special purpose EDC equipment.

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