EDC: optional

Now that PD has sorted out your EDC, and hopefully your pockets and bags have had sighs of relief, we can relax a little. Here are some optional extras that you may wish to have, at least on some occasions.

Alternatively, the Han Green outdoor sunglasses offer side protection. http://hankjobenhavn.com/#/

  • Become a superhero when you save a child's toy that gets stuck in a tree (do not ask how it got there) or in a pond, using your EDC grappling hook. The Tec Accessories RETREEV has built in storage for the pins, which screw into place. Spare pins are available. http://www.tecaccessories.com/

  • Read the time in style. Pulling out a pocket watch has so much more style than pulling out your cell phone in front of some-one. It does not have to look like your great grandfather's one either. Wanderlust from far-flung Australia has a modern minimalist design. https://www.wanderlustwatches.com.au/

  • Time for some fun in the park? The Foldee is a folding Frisbee that is easy to carry. PD reviewed it previously. GHOST_URL/foldee-the-flying-disc-upgraded/ http://www.foldeedisc.com/

  • If you wear spectacles, why not go for a minimalist sleeve to protect them when you take them off? Try the Makr leather sleeve. https://makr.com/

  • Finally, when you need a satchel for your documents and other things to take to work or university, Lo Esencial will make you one to order. Please do not offend by asking the price - of course most cannot afford it, but this ensures that there is little chance of being embarrassed by running into someone else with one. http://www.loesencial.mx/#intro

UPDATE: Bullet Torch: Featured several months ago, the Bullet Torch is now in production. See GHOST_URL/bullet-torch/. The product was successfully funded on Kickstarter. PD has tested it independently and is most impressed. The quality of the product is first class. It is solid, the screw-on end fits beautifully with no sloppiness and the light is bright enough for many tasks, especially in view of the diminutive size of the torch. http://www.slughaus.com/

FOR THE CURIOUS: This concludes the current series on EDC. In August PD will have a new theme, so check next weekend.

Note: photographs are from the relevant websites and are the copyright of the respective owners.

Note: PD does not get sponsored by any company and chooses to write about products that catch his eye while on the prowl, without the makers' knowledge. That way he remains impartial.

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