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It is time to start planning your next holidays. This month PD will take you to some interesting and unusual places, starting with a centuries-old salt mine. If you think salt mines are boring, reading on will change your mind. This one is so special that it is listed on the world heritage register. Do not forget to scroll down for PD's project of the week.


The Wielicka salt mine is not far from the old Polish capitol of Krakow. It had been in operation from the 12th century until 2007. The mine has a rich history and is now famous for its many sculptures, which include a cavernous chapel, all carved out of the rock salt in the mine.

Visitors are taken down in a small miners' lift, which only takes a small number of people at a time. For those feeling fit, there are stairs.

Stories and legends abound. The best known one is about St Kinga, 1224-1292. Princess Kinga of Hungary was engaged to Bolesław V the Chaste, the Prince of Krakow. Before leaving for Poland she threw her engagement ring into the Maramures salt mine in Hungary. The ring was miraculously recovered in the Wielicka salt mine. She spent her life doing charitable work, including helping lepers. When the Prince died she sold her possessions and spent the rest of her life in a monastery. The Chapel in the mine is devoted to her.

Above: Kinga's ring is found.

Above: Chapel of St Kinga.

Above: Chapel of St Kinga.
[Photograph: Nico Trinkhaus]


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