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EDITORIAL: The gift of clear thinking for free.

Philanthropy has never gone out of fashion. It commonly involves donations of various kinds, but Professor Brendan Myers from Quebec, Canada, is donating something even more precious, the ability for people to think for themselves.


Brendan Myers had written the first edition of the book and printed it as a low cost book to give access to as many people as possible. Recently he went to Kickstarter and successfully raise funds for an updated and expanded second edition.


The motivation for this work can be found in this quote:

Have courage to think for yourself! That is the motto of the Enlightenment.

(Immanuel Kant, "What is Enlightenment?" 1784)

In order to bring our "post-truth" society back to reason, Brendan Myers has put the PDF version for free here:

For those wanting a paperback version, you may buy it at Amazon for US$9.95 plus postage here:

PD urges educators to make use of this generosity to give the gift of thinking to their students.

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TRAVEL: Wingly: the Uber of the sky.

Everyone knows of Uber, the ride sharing scheme that got the ire of taxi drivers. Well, now there is Wingly, the small aircraft flight sharing scheme that you book on line.


You can book a one-way flight, a sightseeing flight or an excursion. The company is based in France and operates in many European countries and in the UK. It is legal and the company claims that is meets all regulations.


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TECHNOLOGY: Ressence Type 2.

If you are after a watch that will stand out form the crowd, head over to Ressence Watches. This is an electro-mechanical watch that operates by touch. Set time zones with a companion app and tap the screen to get onto the right time zone when you travel.


There is even a night mode for readability.


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STATIONERY: Letterart letterpress cards.

Your business card says a lot about you. A great card that is pleasing to both the eye and to touch will help contacts remember you. Letterart produces classy letterpress cards, including business cards, wedding invitations and post cards. Check out some of these samples:





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GADGETS AND GEAR: Tiny Survival Card

How do you get a 75 page book down to the size of a credit card? Well, the folk at Ultimate Survival Tips did.


The guide is made from tear and water resistent material. it unfolds to provide tips on many topics relating to urban and wilderness survival.


You can even get a credit card-sized mini survival kit however be aware that the backing of the kit is magnetised so be careful what you put against it.

Great guide. PD's only gripe is the high shipping cost.

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BOOKS AND WRITING: Discovering the History of Astronomy

Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler and Galileo are the great and brave scientists who went against the orthodoxy and gave us our understanding of the universe. Their writings survive and are part of the backbone of modern science,

[Above: Theodorus de Bry: Nicolas Copernicus, 1597]

Kronecker Wallis is a small publishing house that brings beautiful modern translations of classic science books and has already been featured in PD: Cool Things several times (list below).


"Discovering the History of Astronomy" is its new series of six books, translating the following books into English:

De revolutionibus orbium coelestium (Nicolaus Copernicus)
Astronomiae instauratae mechanica (Tycho Brahe)
Astronomia Nova (Johannes Kepler)
Harmonices Mundi (Johannes Kepler)
Dialogo sopra i due massimi sistemi del mondo (Galileo Galilei)   
Discorsi e dimostrazioni matematiche intorno a due nuove scienze (Galileo Galilei) 




Whether you have a general interest or are a scholar, these beautiful books will be a delight to read. You may buy single volumes or the set over here:

More PD: Cool Things articles about Kroneker Wallis books:

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MISCELLANEOUS: The Robin Hood of Couches.

Welcome to the future. There is a 3D printer in the wall. Need a new couch? No problem. With your subscription you can 3D print one right where you need it. But what if you can no longer afford your subscription? Your furniture disappears. Except that the Robin Hood of Couches can save you from an empty room, but he ends up dead in a ditch. Time to bring in a detective.


Aaron Frale is writing this comedy murder mystery set in the future and you can make sure that the mystery is solved right over here (no 3D printed money accepted):

And while you're there check out the cool FAQ section:

And tell your friends - they may as well know what fate awaits the world.

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PD: Store

X90 Planner

The X90 Planner has been thoroughly tested by PD and featured in PD: Cool Things 178:


The planner is hard back but opens flat. It is clearly laid out and uses quality paper. It is undated, so you can start working on your goals immediately. There are 90 days in the planner, the ideal length of time to achieve goals.


From US $31.95 plus shipping. Local taxes may apply in your country.

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