In this age of electronics PD is glad to see the popularity of old fashioned stationery grow. Not that PD is a Luddite, but because dogs and and their human companions need some old fashioned warmth, whether it be from a walk in the park or getting a paper letter from a loved one or close friend to cherish forever. A love note written on a card is so much warmer than a text message. Try it.

Of course this does not mean that old fashioned stationery is not evolving. Today young designers are improving and modernizing it. One example is the Penxo pencil, currently on Kickstarter. This is a wonderful simple modern take on the old 2mm clutch pencil.

It has clean lines and no moving parts, but the design allows the two halves to gently separate slightly to move the lead.

Very neat - no wonder it won a Red Dot design award.

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