Jackfish survival kit

There are many survival kits out there, from wallets to tins. Most are useful and are meant for people in the wilderness. Most are not visually exciting.

Not so the Jackfish survival kit. This is a beautifully designed card style unit available in either hard anodized black aluminum or titanium (the latter is PD's preference). It has slots for the equipment and on the reverse can carry credit cards.

The choice of tools is an interesting mix of urban and wilderness tools, including screwdrivers, a ferrocerium rod for lighting fires, a pocket knife, an SD card reader, a vial for iodine for water purification, a compass, a whistle, a pen and a storm-proof match. This makes it useful every day, wherever you are.

It comes beautifully packaged with a tin and includes a lanyard and spare pen refills.

The people behind Jackfish Survival intend to create a survival community of enthusiasts.

It is now available on Kickstarter. PD will be carrying one on him when he goes prowling.



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