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PD travels a lot and of course being European is a bonus because dogs can go anywhere here/there (grammatical comment: depending on where you are reading this). Sometimes PD only has a small amount of time, so encyclopedic travel guides are not good. They also weigh too much (ever tried packing the complete print version of Encyclpaedia Britannica as carry-on? No, PD has not either, but you get what I mean), so PD likes easy to read guides with a few suggestions of great places to see, and not necessarily the obvious tourist attractions (after all, how many times can you see the Eiffel Tower? although come to think of it Le Jules Verne there sounds great for lunch every day). And one more thing, the guide must be nicely designed and easy to use.

This is where Herb Lester Associates comes in. Starting with only a tiny number of cities, these great guides now encompass many cities, introducing you to the obscure as well as known, but always delightful places. And great places to eat and drink. Printed on nice paper, they have easy to read maps and a small description of each recommended place.

Most maps have themes, for example there are currently four maps for Paris: Paris for Pleasure Seekers, Paris En Famille, It's Nice to be Alone in Paris and Paris: Small Shops.

The maps are reasonably priced at just over $6 USD and you can save by buying bundles of all the maps for each city or complete sets. Delivery is fast and postage is very reasonable.

PD rating: 5 paws out of 5.


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