From the archive: Lost love 3

July 15th, 2012
This is the third of three true stories of lost love. This one is based on a detailed diary.

AW and A met at university, and a relationship quickly developed. From the outset AW’s parents opposed their daughter’s choice of a boy of European descent, but she persisted with the relationship. A was so in love he could not bear to be away from her. AW’s parents, who did not know him as they had forbidden their daughter to bring him home, maintained their pressure on her, telling her how Europeans mistreated their wives. When this did not work they stated that they did not want half breed grandchildren. A was a quiet, shy but very devoted and caring boy. He was hard working and motivated career-wise. Afraid of losing her, A proposed marriage, which AW accepted and even set a date for just after their studies were to finish. AW’s twenty-first birthday was approaching and a battle ensued between AW and her mother over inviting to A the party. Even on the day of the party A received phone calls alternately asking him to come and not come, as AW’s mother stated that she would embarrass him at the party. In the end, her mother thought that her daughter’s morose emotions would ruin the day, conceded, but added that after the party he would never be welcome at the house. She even rang A to ask him to come. Despite knowing how hated he was at the household and his father’s plea not to go where he was not wanted, A went because he would do anything for the girl he loved. After that victory, AW cooled the relationship. She still professed to love A, but would make appointments to meet A not turn up, leaving him waiting for hours in vain. She only turned up on rare occasions when she wanted something from A. Eventually AW broke up the relationship. Many weeks later she rang A, who was totally heartbroken and depressed, asking him to go out with her. She turned up in a sexy revealing dress, looking achingly desirable to A, only to tell him he could not have her. Totally crushed, A attempted suicide, the completion of which was prevented by a mutual friend. AW later declared that she did not regret anything; that her parents were right. She quickly got another boyfriend, whom she married. A never recovered.

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