Fontus: self filling water bottle

It is the start of a new month and the start of Spring; time to think about heading into the wilderness, like PD does every now and then (after all, he is a prowling dog). In this series PD will look at new products to help with your adventures.

PD likes to travel light and water is heavy. In some areas it is also not readily available. That spring on the map may be dry in summer.

Important note: The guy in the photograph is not PD.

The people at Fontus in Austria have come up with a version of the proverbial magic whiskey bottle that fills itself up every time that you empty it. Believe PD that in the wilderness water is more welcome than alcohol.

The bottle works by using a solar panel to operate a cooling mechanism in the top part of the bottle to condense water from air, so it works best in humid environments. It condenses up to 0.8 litre per hour.

Two versions are planned: Airo for hikers

and Ryde for mountain bike riders.

The Fontus water bottle is still in development.

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