EDC: the wallet

In July's theme PD will help you slim down your pockets and bags. People carry too much with them, with bulging pockets and heavy bags, but how much do we really need to have on us? Think long and hard about the last time you used everything in your bulging wallet and all the keys on your key ring, let alone all that stuff in your bag. This applies to both men and women.

Empty your purse or wallet and put to one side what you really need - be hard on yourself. This is a list of things that should do for most people:
Two credit cards.
A driver's license.
Public transport card.
One or two loyalty cards.
One or two keys for your house.
A few banknotes and some coins.

What you do not need:
The other credit cards that you carry but never use.
All the business cards that you do not need at the moment.
Weeks of receipts from various shops - either throw them away or, if you need them, file them at home.
Numerous coins - use them for small purchases rather than handing over bank notes and collecting change.
Lots of keys - leave work keys in your work bag. Leave the keys to the garden shed and toolbox at home.
Anything else.

Now get a slim wallet. There are numerous minimalist wallets available and all do a similar job. The problem with most however is that they do not have anywhere for keys and coins. PD has hunted down a couple that do.

PD prefers soft wallets as hard ones can more easily slip out of a pocket. A nice slim wallet is made by Crazy Horse Craft in Lithuania. This wallet is made from felt and leather and comes in several colors. It has a separate small coin compartment.


Across the Atlantic in Canada Venque has found a clever solution by incorporating a coin compartment accessible through an opening behind the credit card compartment of this leather wallet.


Finally, as soon as you get home take out any new receipts, tickets or business cards that you picked up on your travels. Keep your wallet slim. Your pockets will love you for it.

For the curious: Next week PD will discuss what other EDC items you should have on you.

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