Design: gorgeous phone power bank

Power banks for phones come in a variety of shapes and sizes. PD has one that looks like a thick credit card - it has saved him several times when barking on the phone for so long that the battery went dead. Most chargers do the job. Some look nice. Some look awfully plain. Like with all everyday things, every now and then a designer takes a mundane object and makes it beautiful. Two designers, Holger Hoehn and Catherine Wong, have come up with what must be the most beautiful power bank ever designed.

PD thinks that the design would allow for a AA battery option in case there is no place handy to recharge it.

For stealthy dogs such as PD they even came up with a black version.

PD has only one request: please put it into production, and make sure there is a version for Android phones (oops, PD slipped in his preference).

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