The Umbrella

PD was doing one of his activities on a very wet day, but was very happy because he had his favourite umbrella - old and large, one which had protected him in storms over many years with no sign of wear and tear. It had been a gift.

Unfortunately PD had to run off after his activity and in his hurry left the umbrella, only realizing this when he got home, 50 miles away.

PD was not happy but resigned himself to the loss. Anyway, he reconciled himself with the thought that he still had another umbrella, although this one had a broken rib (ouch).

One week later PD returned to the place, this time in sunshine, and what did he see but his umbrella still where he had left it.

Where on earth was this place with so many honest people that no-one had taken it? A gun range. People like to malign sporting shooters, but PD has yet to come across a more decent and honest crowd. Can you imagine this happening at any other place?

©2014 Prowling Dog