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NOTICE: PD will be going on the prowl and will be off-grid. Therefore he will not be able to post next weekend however regular weekly posts will resume the following weekend.


PD has been keeping readers updated on the latest from Today Is Art Day, starting with the organisation's first release, the Vincent van Gogh action figure with the removeable ears (yes, both of them). Then came Frida Kahlo, followed by Leonardo da Vinci, Vermeer and Rembrandt, who came together. Now we have the arrival of Salvador Dali.


Salvador Dali, 1904-1989, is perhaps the best known of the surrealist artists. This charming figure comes with three versions of his famous moustache, his signature melting clock and a mini-easel with miniature reproductions of five of his paintings.


If you missed any of the previous figurines you can get them here:

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TRAVEL: Combar

No, Combar is not a place. It is a tough tool for campers, hikers and other adventurers. This is a heavy duty multitool that gives strong full size tools.


Designed by former IDF special forces officers, it is made with aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. It includes a foldable axe, stainless steel hammer, titanium spade and, in the pro model, houses a full size knife and a folding saw.


It weighs just 1,4 kg.


This animantion shows how it works:


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TECHNOLOGY: Bowley Padlock

Locks, including padlocks, are easy to pick if you have a lock pick set and some skill. When you insert the key into a lock it pushes the pins up depending on the rises and falls on the key, aligning the pins to allow the tumbler to turn. A lock picker essentially does the same thing but has to lift each pin separately with his tool.


The Bowley lock makes life difficult for lock pickers by having the pins shielded, so that picks when inserted into the groove will not find the right spot. The key itself has to be first inserted and turned to allow for alignment with the pins.


Hence the uniquely shaped key.


Nevertheless, PD has seen a video where, using specially made picks and balancing three picks and a tension wrench together simulataneously, and with much effort, an experienced lock smith managed to eventually pick one. PD doubts that any thief would go to all of that trouble and time, so this is not a negative for the lock. It is still the most secure lock PD has ever seen.

With its padlock Bowley has made the job much more difficult by have two rows of pins which are opposite each other (yes, the key is even more complicated than the previous one).


If you are serious about security head over here:

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Field Notes Brand, makers of handy pocket-sized notebooks and one of PD's favourites, has released its latest quarterly limited editions set, Coastal notebooks.


You get two sets of three books. When placed end to end they give you holographic coastal outlines of the east and west coasts of the United States.


The pages have an ocean reticule pattern which on different pages has shades that vary from blue to green, the colours of the oceans.


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Accidents happen, some rerulting in large lacerations, one too large for a plaster of Steristrip. Medical facilities will be on hand. But what if you cannot get medical assistnce quickly? What if you are out in the wilderness? You may have a traditional medical suturing kit, which requires skill in injecting local anaesthetic and suturing.


Now there is a needle-free alternative, ZipStitch, which can be used by anyone.



The procedure is as easy as placing ZipStitch over a wound, pulling the zip ties to close the wound and cutting of the ends.


According to the manufacturer ZipStitch may be used on wounds up to 1.5 in. in length (approximately 3.8 cm).

Unfortunately this product is only available in the United States.

IMPORTANT NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: PD is providing this information for your information only, from the point of view of a lay dog. PD does not claim to have any specialist medical knowledge or qualification. As such this should not be taken to be medical or treatment advice from PD. It is PD's view that this product's use by lay people should be as a first aid measure only and that medical advice should be sought as soon as possible, as in a laceration there may be damage to other structures such a nerves and ligaments, or foreign material may be embedded in the wound, which may require specialist treatment. You may be allergic to the material in the product. PD cannot be held responsible for any adverse outcome form the use of this product.

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BOOKS AND WRITING: Your Best Year Ever

Michael Hyatt is a best-selling author who runs a leadership development firm. He runs seminars and workshops. In his latest book, Michael Hyatt goes through the steps of achieving your goals. It is not just a "do this and this" list. He uses easy-to-understand language to discuss the reasons that people's beliefs and habits stop them following through to the end, and gives simple practical advice on overcoming these.


He discusses why people have a greater chance of achieving goals outside of their comfort zones than ones inside their comfort zones.

At the end of each chapter there is a simple action plan, so that even large goals do not look overwhelmimg (hint - break up large goals into small steps; he tells you how). At the end of the book there are handy templates to keep you on track.


If you are serious about not only setting goals but actually seeing them through to the end, this book is for you.


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MISCELLANEOUS: How to survive a human stampede

Human stampedes happen. People die, mainly from being crushed to the point where they cannot breath, called compressive asphyxia, while still upright. It can happen in any crowded place where people panic. It has happened in fires and in terrorist attacks. There are some measures that you can take to increase your chances of survival.

Although the advice is similar wherever you look, The Art of Manliness has put this into a succinct article.


[Above: The Art of Manliness]

Below is a summary of some of the points however PD recommends that you read the full article (link below):

  • Know where the exits are, but also check for any alternative escape routes as the crush will be at the exits, especially if those are the way people came into the venue.
  • Take cover in places such as side hallways or, if outside, cars or trees to climb onto.
  • If you cannot take cover, move diagonally to the flow of the crowd to try and reach the edge of the crowd. Trying to force your way against the crowd will only exhaust you.
  • KEEP YOUR ARMS NEAR YOUR CHEST. This point is emphasised in every article that PD has seen on the topic.This allows you you to create space to allow you to breathe.

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