Editorial: Škoda Vision X.
Travel: Borromeo & de Silva Monocoque Paddle Canoe.
Technology: Emergency Escape Filter.
Stationery: XS Pocket Fountain Pen.
Gadgets and Gear: StatGear X-Grip.
Books and writing: The Pocket Guide To Self Reliance.
Miscellaneous: Stillhouse Bourbon.

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EDITORIAL: Škoda Urban Crossover Vision X

The Czech company Škoda is one of the oldest motor vehicle companies in the world, starting out in 1895 as Laurin & Klement.


[Above: L&K Type A, 1906. Photo: Cherubino]

The company was acquired by Škoda Works in 1925, and the automobile division has been owned by the Volkswagen Group since 2000.

For the upcoming Geneva Motor show Škoda has developed the stylish Urban Crossover Vision X. This looks like a fun car. Hopefully it makes it into production without too many changes.




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TRAVEL: Borromeo & de Silva Monocoque Paddle Canoe

Last week PD featured the Rogue Packcraft canoe which is great for emergencies. Borromeo & de Silva Monocoque Paddle Canoe is in another category. This beautiful craft is for leisurely travelling along waterways for those who want to mix luxury with their adventure.


Made of copper-woven carbon fibre and teak, it combines modern technology with old world charm to create the ultimate canoe.


The bad news? At this stage it is a one-off project. The designers are working on adding an electric motor to the boat. They are also hinting at the possibility of putting it into production.


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TECHNOLOGY: Emergency Escape Filter

Fires can be deadly, death most commonly resulting from suffocation, so an emergency breathing apparatus is an essential safety product. No one wants to pack a full size unit like those worn by firefighters. PD has previously followed the Saver from an award winning concept to production.


Now Hyun Yeol Shin has designed the Emergency Escape Filter.



This small unit uses a charcoal filter to allow people to remain conscience and escape a fire.


It fits in a bag or pocket and is easy to use.


This is another concept that PD would like to see it make into production.

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STATIONERY: XS Pocket Fountain Pen

In PD's opinion fountain pens are more pleasant to write with than other writing implements. If you are after a pocket-friendly everyday fountain pen, the XS Pocket Fountain Pen is ideal.


The pen has a simple 12-sided design and with the cap placed on the end, has the comfort of a full size pen.


It is available in aluminium in a variety of colours and also in brass. You can choose from a whole range of nib sizes. The pen will come with Bock nibs from Germany. It uses standard international ink cartridges.


The only comment on the design is that PD prefers screw-on caps rather than push-on ones as the latter can become loose with use.

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Precision tweezers are an invaluable tool, whether for first aid, doing repairs on fine objects or other things. Have you ever needed them but the only pair you have is the one at home? EDC tweezers are not a new concept, however quality varies and many are either to small or too large to conveniently carry with you. StatGear's new X-Grip tweezers fit the EDC concept perfectly.


They are of top quality, made from titanium and are just the right size (PD is resisting the temptation to use the Goldilocks concept so he will not mention her).


They come with an aluminium case which protects the tips.


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BOOKS AND WRITING: The Pocket Guide To Self Reliance

Self reliance has gone out of fashion. People now outsource everything, from physical things such as changing the washers in the taps to opinions. With our busy lives and having a deluge of opinions, emails and Facebook updates, there is no time to actually slow down, read and do things. The result is that people are no longer being themselves, simply thinking and doing what the throng dictates.


In this little book Kyle Eschenroeder puts forward the case that self reliance is more than physical independence; it is also about keeping your mind sovereign. It is about being true to yourself, making decisions and opinions based on your experience of the world.

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MISCELLANEOUS: Stillhouse Bourbon

After last week's story on the Sexton Irish whiskey which came in a stylish bottle PD has been scouting for drinks in unusual containers. Stillhouse in Tennessee in the United States sells its bourbon in stainless steel oil can-like containers. The containers are unbreakable and chill quickly.


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