Editorial: Cleo Drone.
Travel: Svart Hotel.
Technology: StethoMe.
Stationery: Le Typographe A5 Cahier Souple Botanical Set.
Gadgets and Gear: Advenate Hybrid Pro.
Books and writing: Jerusalem City Stories.
Miscellaneous: Skalpel Steak Knife.

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This has been a bumper week for cool innovation, as reading this issue of PD: Cool Things will reveal. As happens, some items could be placed in more than one category and PD has run out of sections, so he will kick off here with the Cleo Drone.

PD has featured drones a few times because the concept keeps evolving. Unlike other drones, the Cleo houses two propellers in a tube-like body. It is steered by altering air flow via a cell phone app.

The drone is pocket-sized and safe to catch in flight. It has a claimed flying time of twelve minutes.

At this stage the Cleo is still in development.

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TRAVEL: Svart Hotel

The Svart Hotel is opening in 2021. Situated on the edge of the Arctic Circle, the hotel overlooks the Svartisen glacier in Norway, offering one of the most spectacular backdrops of any hotel, as well as providing views of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and the midnight sun.

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This is the second home wireless stethoscope that PD has reviewed, the first being the Clinicloud featured in PD: Cool Things issue 132. The Clinicloud has separate stethoscope and thermometer units which link to a cell phone app.

[Above: Clinicloud]

The StethoMe is a new all-in-one unit that records heartbeat, lung sounds and temperature. Unlike the Clinicloud, the readings are displayed on a screen on the back of the unit. It can wirelessly transmit the readings to a cell phone for storage in a record which can be forwarded to your family doctor for consultation.

The StethoMe has been developed by the Institute of Acoustics at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland, and has been tested in hospitals. This is another step on the road to telemedicine.

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STATIONERY: Le Typographe A5 Cahier Souple Botanical Set

Those after A5 exercise books should look at this set of two from Le Typographe.

These books are stitch bound and are made from top quality paper. The covers feature botanical scenes. The pages are light grey in colour.

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GADGETS AND GEAR: Advenate Hybrid Pro.

Those engaged in snow activities know the dangers in the Alps, especially avalanches which can be deadly. The last handful of years has seen the development of safety gear meant to help people survive avalanches and make it easier to be found. Advenate is a relative newcomer that has won an ISPO Gold award for the Hybrid Pro snow shovel.

The snow shovel incorporates a readily accessible 240 cm probe in its handle and has a clever bivouac strapped to it. The bivouac uses the probe and two ski poles, plus six snow anchors that are stored in the shaft of the shovel, to provide an emergency shelter, negating the need for tent poles. The tent is made of ripstop fabric and weighs just 720 grams. The Hybrid Pro will be released for the next Northern Winter. PD will provide more information on the Hybrid Pro (including more pictures) as it becomes available.

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BOOKS AND WRITING: Jerusalem City Stories

There is an abundance of travel guides. Some guides are good for a quick look at the major attractions to tick off a bucket list, while other guides ditch that to give you an authentic feel of a city, the way the locals see it. The Jerusalem City Stories falls into the latter category.

What is more, this guide book will can become your personal travel journal. It has line drawings that you can add to or colour, and there is plenty of room for you to write notes, so that when you come home you will have all of your memories in the guidebook.

The publisher is planning to release guides to other cities, the next being Tel Aviv.

The publisher also produces a series of postcards to send to friends.

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MISCELLANEOUS: Skalpel Steak Knife

If you love meat and either fancy yourself as a budding surgeon or you just want that precise piece of meat to savour, then this steak knife is for you.

Knife maker Stuart Mitchell from Sheffield, England took inspiration from the surgeon's scalpel to create this precision knife. It is made from a solid piece of stainless steel. The grooves on the handle are for better grip. This is surely going to be a conversation piece when you pull it out at dinner time.

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