Editorial: Drop bears - the truth part 2.
Travel: Modern day cruise report.
Technology: Enko Running Shoes.
Stationery: Ystudio paperweight.
Gadgets and gear: Ben Hur's motorcycle.
Books and writing: The Art of Short Fiction.
Project of the week: Awesome Wooden Toy Cars.

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EDITORIAL: Drop bears - the truth part 2

Last week PD sent his man-on-the-spot into the Australian bush to find out if the drop bear is real or a legend. PD wrote, "You can read his report here next week - if he comes back alive". Unfortunately PD has not heard from MOTS. At last communication before he left for the Australian bush MOTS sent PD this warning poster:

He also sent this article from Australian Geographic magazine:

PD is anxiously waiting for news of MOTS. PD will keep you posted.

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TRAVEL: Pacific Ocean special part 1

PD is sending a female-on-the-spot to report back from the Pacific. She is traveling on a modern cruise liner. Her first impressions of the ship are below and she will write about her visit to a Pacific island next week.

For a start this is a seriously large ship. The embarkation procedures were handled very efficiently, considering that we are talking about 3.000 passengers. FOTS reports that approximately 98% of the people attended the compulsory boat evacuation drill - many were at their meeting point well ahead of time; PD will not speculate on what this means about the other 2%.

FOTS has interviewed people who have been on cruises before. Most have been happy and enjoyed the experience, including this cruise.

FOTS is still finding her way around the ship, probably losing herself in the large number of restaurants or bars (there is a bar every few metres), or in the shopping mall.

[Above: somewhere in the Pacific]

Next week FOTS sets feet on a Pacific Island.

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TECHNOLOGY: Enko Running Shoes

These are space age shoes like you have not seen before. There has been a lot of progress in materials and design of running shoes in the past two or three decades, all aiming to reduce the strain on people's joints. These shoes however take things to the next level by incorporating shock absorbers like those on your car.

The springs can be calibrated to your weight. These shoes have a walking mode, in which they feel like normal shoes, and a running mode, in which the shock absorbers come into play.

By storing energy when your heel drops and releasing it when your heel rises again, the shoe makes your running more efficient (in normal shoes the energy is dissipated when your heel hits the ground).

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STATIONERY: Ystudio paperweight

You certainly do not want your significant words to blow away for ever, not quite being able to re-write them as eloquently as you did the first time. You need a paperweight.

This stunning solid brass paperweight from Ystudio in Taiwan will make sure that you musings remain on your desk. It is 48mm in diameter and 9mm in height. One side comes to a slight point, so it sits on an angle.

It comes in Ystudio's signature black and gold packaging.

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GADGETS AND GEAR: Ben Hur's motorcycle

If the ancient Romans had motorcycles instead of chariots and horses this is what Ben Hur would have been riding.

In fact this is a Honda Gold Wing modified for the 1995 film "Tall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventures of Pecos Bill", starring Patrick Swayze and Scott Glenn.

The motorcycle is up for auction.

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BOOKS AND WRITING: The Art of Short Fiction

This is a series of classic short stories published as pocket sized books.

The covers are adorned by linocuts and the pages are of laid paper, giving a ribbed finish. This series includes D.H. Lawrence's "The Rocking Horse Winner", Oscar Wild's "The Happy Prince", Mark Twain's "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, Guy de Maupassant’s “The Necklace”, O. Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi” and Katherine Mansfield’s “The Garden Party”.

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PROJECT OF THE WEEK: Awesome Wooden Toy Cars

These gorgeous wooden cars are inspired by 1920s art deco style. PD particularly likes the police car, but there is a whole range to choose from, including a truck to put your car on. The cars come from Brooklyn, New York.

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