PD's wishlist

For the last post in this travel series PD ponders places that he would love to visit.

  1. Mont Saint Michel. This spectacular abbey and fort off the north-west coast of France held off invaders due to its accessibility only at low tide.

  1. The Arctic and the Antarctic. On opposite ends of the globe.

  1. Quinta da Regaleira, Portugal. Most magnificent architecture and gardens. See PD post May 28th, 2015.


  1. Japan, for its ancient culture.

  1. While in Japan, try the luxury train Seven Stars in Kyushu. The demand for cabins is so great that a ballot is held months ahead of each trip.

  1. Null Island, the real place that does not exist. This "island" is located at precisely zero latitude and zero longitude (0°N 0°E) and is precisely one square metre in area. It is used to flag errors in geocoding. A permanent buoy marks the site.

Photo by National Data Buoy Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (USA).

Note for the curious: PD does not intend to swim out to Null Island.

Note: photographs are from the relevant websites and are the copyright of the respective owners.

Note: PD does not get sponsored by any company and chooses to write about products that catch his eye while on the prowl, without the makers' knowledge. That way he remains impartial.

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