PD hopes that you had a wonderful summer break and are well rested for an exciting autumn and winter. During the summer break PD has been pondering about the pastiche. Is this a legitimate form of writing?

Pastiche is a form of literary or artistic work that imitates the style, technique, or content of another work, often as a form of homage or tribute. It can be seen as a kind of artistic borrowing, where elements of different works are combined to create something new and unique. It is a popular technique in literature, film, and music.

Examples include Sherlock Holmes stories written by others. In pastiche, some writers mimic the style of the original superbly. An example is the Poirot books written by Sophie Hannah which really reflect the style of Agatha Christie and have complex plots that do justice. They are a real tribute to Agatha Christie and to the character.

Unfortunately PD has also come across some poor ones, for example Sherlock Holmes stories whose similarity to the original end with the name of the detective. In these cases one may ask whether the writer is merely trying to get traction with the audience by borrowing a famous name.

In conclusion, pastiche is a versatile and popular technique that can be used in a variety of mediums. When done well, it can be a way to pay tribute to a favorite work or artist, or to create something new and unique. However, it is important to be respectful of the original work and to make sure that the new work adds something to the conversation.

What do you think?