From the archive: Lost love 2

July 5th, 2012
This is the second of three true stories about lost love, each with a different ending. Incredibly, all three events occured in one family, over two generations.

B. and R. met at university and fell in love. For reasons not known to me they parted company. R. married someone else and had a child, a boy. The newlyweds built a beautiful house in which they lived happily and prospered. B. had remained single. After many years R.’s wife developed cancer and died. The widower, after a period of time, met his former love in circumstances not known to me. There was still a spark of love there, and eventually the two married. B. moved into R.’s house. Although happily married to R., she felt that she was living not in her home, but in a house with the stamp of R.’s previous wife. She wanted a home that would be hers, “even if for only a year”, as she put it. A house was built and decorated by B. The couple gave the old house to R.’s son. They were very happy in the new house. Prophetically, twelve months later B. was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer which had already spread widely throughout the body, and she died soon afterwards. Again, R. was left a widower.

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